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August Cedar Shores Log 

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2021 Park Opening Schedule  

April 12th 2021 Water placed in holding tank to chlorinate. 

April 14th 2021 Water turned on to the Park. 

Keep in mind we live in Michigan so these dates are upon weather permitting. 

There will be Bleach in the water to chlorinate the lines so DO NOT DRINK. 

Trash Dumpster will be placed at the entrance to the park on April 7th. 

Im currently implementing a Work order procedure to help with keeping track of supplies and making sure request are made. This work order is for lot owners with electrical issues at the pedestal, water spigots leaking, emergency pump outs, or other park related service. Electrical or water issues in your unit is not the parks responsibility. This will go in effect as of April 12th. 

Located by the pole barn is a red shed which I have put two boxes. One has work orders in it the other is to place your filled out work order.  These will be checked daily. Pictures of location attached. 

Once water is turned on to the park all services will begin such as pump outs, trash pick up which will be Friday, Saturday, Sunday and all major holidays. 

We are currently picking up leaves. Make sure all rocks and debris are not in piles or will not pick up. This will continue till memorial weekend which at that time all lots need to have been cleaned. If not cleaned maintenance will go in and clean it and a fee of $100.00 will be issued. 

All Boats must be off the Ballfield by Memorial Day weekend. 

Thank you and have a great and safe 2021 camping season. 

Wally Warner 

Park Manager 


Park & Office Managers


Park Manager
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Park office: (989)539-2051



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