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Cedar Shores Campground has three hundred-seventy eight (378) lots, situated on 90 acres of beautiful central Michigan land among tall pines, oaks and maple trees.  It has approximately 3 1/2 miles of park streets.  The campground is located 5 miles east of the small town of Harrison, Michigan, county seat of Clare county, and in the townships of both Hayes & Hamilton.

Five lakes are accessible to our campers with Townline lake bordering the north side of the campground and Boathouse lake on the east.  The campground has a boardwalk and boat launching site and all lakes are available to the park boaters and fishermen through the various channels connecting them.  The campground has a recreation hall for meetings and events; a recreation area with children's playground, basketball court, volleyball area, baseball field, shuffleboard court, putt-putt golf and horseshoe pits; two beautiful ponds, located within the campground proper, for those campers desiring quieter waters for fishing or rowing.  The campground has three bath houses with shower facilities.  

Common Loons are  yearly residents on our lakes and have raised families on them each year since the campground has been organized (perhaps before that).    They also are considered "snowbirds",  heading south for the winter and back to Cedar Shores for the summer months.

A brief history of the beginning of  Cedar Shores Condominium Campground, as well as the changes and growth that has taken place over the years, was researched and written by one of our Cedar Shores co-owners and may be read by.

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