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Cedar Shores 

 Rules and Printable Forms

Printable Forms 

Forms information 
Golf Cart Concern Form
    Cedar Shores
     Building Permit Forms 
    Work Order Form 
Rec. Hall Rental 
Lot Rental Form
Storage Lot Contract
Neighborhood  Watch


State Campground
Tent Policy 
Boaters Regulations
Master Deed
(scan of original) 
 Owner information Booklet
CS Adopted Campground
Park Rules 
Association Bylaws
(scan of recorded bylaws)
Allowable Structures
(State Law)
State Law Regarding Private Campgrounds 

Many of the documents listed here will touch on the same subjects. As a general rule the more restrictive of the rules will apply. For example, State law requires there to be 4' clear around any recreational unit (camper/tent). The parks rules require that in addition to the 4' clear around the unit, the unit be placed not closer than 3' from the lot line for any unit placed after the effective date of the rules.

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