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Board Of Directors Meeting 

August 17th, 2019

Park Office 

Answering machine has been broken, but it has been fixed now. If you need to get ahold of Leo please call him at (517)803-9987

Trailer Storage lots that need contracts signed 

No Trail Riding on State Land 


Cedar Shores received a call from a DNR law enforcement officer.  He said that they believe Cedar Shores co owners have been on the state land while the tree crews were working and also around the equipment when they were not working.   He asked  that we notify the co owners that no one is allowed out there, and anyone doing so in the future would be arrested.

Park Manager Update

UPDATE FOR 10/18/19

Hello all cs peeps. Here is a few notices and progress report so far, As of Tuesday 10/22/19 dumpsters will be located at the pole barn. Please keep in mind for next season a very important matter. when using your septic tank in your trailer DONT PUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN PAPER AND POOP AND PEE IN YOUR TANK. We have had issues of golf balls, needles, small toys, tampons and other items in the tanks. these and other items will break the septic pumper which will and has caused

major delays in service and repair to the pumper. Leaves will continue to be picked up until 10/29/19 please keep stones chains and other items out of piles so no damage is done to the leaf vac. If your interested on having your parking area at your lot plowed out this winter there is a 35.00 charge payable to cedar shores. Contact the office manager at 539-2051. Progress report: So far since I have been back to Cedar shores a few items have and are in process of being done such as the Company truck has had work done on it and is ready to go to work this winter. We have started to pickup leaves and will be doing lots and common ground as long as weather permits. All lines and buildings are prep for winter shut down. Will be blowing out the lines on Monday 10/21/19 to complete this task. As a reminder use grey bath house which will remain open all winter long. im in the process now on checking water spigots that have been marked to be replaced and checking on electricial issues that were submitted. I wish everyone a safe and healthy winter and cant wait to see you all in the spring. I will be keeping everyone informed on weather conditions and of course sending pictures.