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Emergency  Pump Out 

Park Manager Update 

Storage Lot Notice 

Opening Schedule:

All services will start April 15

Pump outs will start April 16th make sure signs are turned and visible from the road. Pump outs are Monday and fridays if a emergency pump out is needed there is 20.00 fee.

Trash dumpsters are located at the main entrance to the park. House hold trash only no wood leaves or furniture.

Trash pickup is Friday Saturday and Sunday and all major holidays. Please have your trash out to the road by 4 pm.

Park Manager days off are Wednesday and Thursday. Park employees will be handing all calls on my days off. In case of a emergency call 911 first then call 9894448430 so emergency vehicles can be brought in the park.

There will be 2 trailers located at the back stop at the ball field. This is used for the shrink wrap from your boats only. Do not put shrink wrap in dumpsters. Please help and keep this area clean. Pickup any wood or cement blocks used to store your boat over the winter.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Cs park manager

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