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Board Of Directors Meeting 

September 21st, 2019

2020 Storage lot update

2020 Storage lot contract 

Director of Environmental Science 
Recreation Committee Update 

Job Opening 

Cedar shores postion opening:
Janitorial postion duties include but not limited to cleaning 3 bathrooms 5 days a week including weekends and holidays.

Contact park manager if interested at

Thank you

Board Of Director Update

"As of May 16th, 2020 Leo Urban has resigned from his position as board president effective immediately. -Cedar Shores Board of Directors"

Park Manager Update 



Leaf pickup has been extended to June 7th. As a reminder until your lot has been cleaned we will not be mowing your lot to avoid any possible damage to the equipment.

Park Manager Update

Park Manager Update 



Good morning cedar shores:
Due to the current restrictions some changes have been made.
A few things I want to touch on in regards to the up coming holiday.
Trash will be picked up on Saturday Sunday and Monday at 4 pm. Please make sure trash is out at this time. 
Beaches will be open but social distance will be encouraged. If it starts to get over crowded it may become necessary to close it.
Playground equipment will remain closed.
Bathrooms will remain closed.
Laundry room is open.
Septic pump outs will be done as a as needed bases from 8 am to 4 pm Saturday Sunday Monday. We will be working with limited staff so please be patient.
In regards to the weather we just had we will be trying to get lots mowed but do to standing water and areas saturated some area especially on lake side might not be able to get mowed.
Security runs will be done through out the holiday weekend. I will be out as well as volunteers to keep your park safe and if your approached by myself or a volunteer it’s for your safety and safety of others. This will be done in a professional matter and will be handled with out most respect all I ask is follow the rules and show myself and volunteers the same respect. 
Thank you and have fun and most of all be safe.

Cs park manager


As you know by now water is on to the park. Had a few minor issues but all is good so far. Remember do not drink the water. Please when attaching your hose to the spigot do not over tighten this can cause damage to spigot and cause leaking.
The dumpsters have been moved to the entrance to the park household trash only no furniture wood or any other debris.
Bathrooms are closed until further notice.
Pump outs are mon and fri so don’t forget to turn your signs.
If your planning on doing work at your lot please follow all rules and regulations and obtain a permit if required.
Park manager days off are weds and Thursday.
Maintenance hours are from 8 to 430. After this time emergency calls only such as electrical outage or water line break.
If you have a medical emergency or fire please call 911 first then

call park manager at 9894448430 so emergency crew can be escorted to your lot.

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