Michael Sollid

Lot 302/303


Hello Cedar Shores,


My wife (ShanTana) and I began enjoying cedar shores in 2008.  During the past 3-4 years we have been able to come up more frequently, participate in more activities, and have grown close to many.  I have watched many volunteer by helping in our CS community how and when they were able.  I see this Board of Directors seat as my opportunity to help how I am able.


I started my insurance career as a medical claims adjuster in 1993, I am now a Catastrophic Medical Claims Manager with 14 direct reports all over the state of Michigan.  I have also, between 2004 and 2016, been elected and served in various capacities on the board at our local VFW to include President, Treasurer, and trustee.  Of my many strengths, I would have to say at the top of the list would be 1) Communication (listening, understanding, clearly sharing)  2) Analyzing, and 3) Working as a team; towards a reasonable resolution while using consistency, common sense, and available resources (opinions of co-owners, competitive bids, experience of others) and adhering to established by-laws.


My goal is to assist with overseeing of our CS community while keeping the voice of the majority, financial responsibility, and safety close in mind.  I appreciate the time and effort invested by those before me, and plan to keep with the forward momentum.


I thank you for your consideration!

Barb Tolles

Lot 168


My name is Barb Tolles. I'm on lot 168 and I am a candidate for the Board of Directors. I've  been here for 26 years now and live here all season. I have 20 plus years of customer service before retiring.

Some involved a management position.

I also was on a Board of Directors of an association in my home town for 2 years. I was the Welcome committee here at CedarShores for 2 seasons and also an employee for 2 seasons ( cleaning the bathhouses). 

If elected, I will sit side by side as a team with the Board of Directors with an open mind and dedicate my time and do my best to help the Board make the right decisions to keep CedarShores a functional, safe and fun place. And also to keep the members informed. We have some vacancies in our Committees. I will concentrate on getting those filled. They are necessary and a huge benefit to our park. With a new Manager, the Board and the help and cooperation of the members and guests, I know we will see great changes. We have great people here.

Let's keep our family and friends proud of CedarShores.  Thank you. 

Wendy Helmic

Lot 338


I joined the Cedar Shores community in 2013 and am now able to spend more time at my happy place as I recently retired after 31 years with the State of Michigan, Bureau of Professional Licensing, where I worked in various areas including enforcement, monitoring, and compliance.


I think communication is important and would like to ensure that information is frequently shared on our website.  


I'd like to see a process for member complaints/questions, i.e. what is reported to park manager vs board, complaints in writing,  

I think revisions are needed to our rules to include consequences if not compliant.  


I'd like to get the storage areas organized and would recommend raising rental rates to help with park/member needs.  


This is OUR park and it is important that we work together to keep it our happy place!


Barbara Woody



 I am Barbara Woody and I am a candidate for a seat on the Cedar Shores board of directors. I reside on lot 192 along with my husband Jim. We have been lot owners at Cedar Shores for the last twenty years. Before retiring I was a bookkeeper at a accounting firm for thirty years. During my working years I handled  business accounts for large and small businesses.

    I have always been active volunteering in the park. This last spring when the park did not have enough help I volunteered to cut grass. I helped train the last three office managers to set up and file payroll taxes. .I made several unscheduled trips last winter to to help make sure the federal and state taxes were filed correctly and on time.

  With my accounting back round and knowledge of Cedar Shores accounting system I feel I can contribute to keep our financial system accurate and up to date. My only goal if elected is to see that the board works together and that all seven members keep in mind to do whats in the best interest of the whole park.

                                                                             Thank you,

 Barbara Woody


Kevin O’Brien

Lot 44

Dear Cedar Shores Co-Owners,

My name is Kevin O’Brien, owner of lot 44. I am running to be a member of your board of directors on August 31st. Although this is only my second year as a lot owner, my roots are deeply planted within this park. My parents purchased their lots when I was 4 months old. Every summer since I was born has been spent in Cedar Shores.

Here is a little background about me...

I currently serve as an elected board member for a successful non-profit charity organization called the John H. Goodrow Fund. This organization provides emergency aid to people living in Isabella County. Some of my responsibilities include helping to track and balance our budget to provide our clients with as much assistance as possible, and organizing charity fundraising events. 

I am also the elected president of the Central Michigan Area Concert Band, and I also serve as president of the Shepherd High School Band Boosters.

 My main occupation is working as an Administrative Specialist for the Gratiot-Isabella Regional Education Service District. I oversee the operations of Winding Brook Conference Center which is owned by the RESD. I also provide support to the special education staff. 

If elected, I would work diligently with current and newly elected board members to solve our current electrical problem. Through information I have ascertained by attending previous board meetings, the park is currently working with Consumers Energy and C&R Electric and I will continue to maintain a working relationship with these companies until the problem is resolved. 

Other areas I would like to see improved is a revised protocol for park rule enforcement, along with better communication to lot owners.

This is OUR park, and we have so much to be thankful for. There is such a sense of pride in this community that is hard to find anywhere else. I am satisfied to continue seeing the denouncing of negativity, and the inspiration of positivity. 

I hope to receive your vote Labor Day weekend.

Respectfully submitted,
Kevin O’Brien
Lot 44

Bill Lingerfelt

Lot 250


Hello Cedar Shores,

Thank you for this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and my family. I have been married to my wife Tina for 26 years. We have two grown sons, Joshua and Cody, who we couldn't be more proud of. We have been a part of the Cedar Shores community for over three years now, lot 250. We have met a lot of really great people and families here at Cedar Shores. We volunteer for the park as much as we can and participate in all park activities when we are available to. We have made some lasting friendships in this park. This park is truly a gem. 
I would like opportunity to be a Cedar Shores board member so that I can help keep this park family friendly and help work with our board to implement new ideas to make our park the best it can.
I have owned my own business for the last 23 years. I also have rental properties that my wife and I manage . I feel a lot of the skills I use everyday could contribute to our park.  We can all work as a team to attain the main goals of the park and work towards legitimate solutions. I can offer stability, good sense while helping our community and  honoring the majority and keeping our park safe.

Thank you for your consideration!
Bill Lingerfelt
Lot 250


Jeffery Giles

Lot #133

Dear Cedar Shores Co-Owners,

My name is Jeff Giles, owner of lot #133 and running Board Member for the up and coming Board Member Election. My wife, (Shari) and I are newer owners, but we are not new to the park as we have family members here for the last 20 years.

My goal is to be a team player who will work together with the other board members and support the park manager in moving the park forward into the future. There is much work to be done in our park and with that said one can choose to get involved and help make it better or sit back and do nothing and complain. My thoughts on the role of the Board is that the Board is there to make decisions and run the business end of the park on your behalf and not be park rule enforcers, that is the Park Managers Job. The board supports the Park Manager and his needs to operate the park. The board also needs to communicate with the co-owners, a lot of potential issues can be avoided by simply communicating with others. I will serve as that kind od a Board member if elected.

I choose to get involved and help make our park better! I am one to see the glass half full and I see the potential in our park, but it won’t get there without help, and lots of it! We have a GREAT community here and I want to see it grow and flourish with positive neighborly kindness.

I have a diverse background of skill sets as I have a Toolmaker/ Machinist, Machine Repair and Millwright journeyman cards and I have worked in the Refineries, Chemical Plants and Automotive Industries. I currently work in Lansing at the Lansing Grand River Assembly plant as the Paint Shop Lead Technical Support, I have been with them for the past 19 years.

I have many hobby interests that include wood working, flying, target shooting, hunting and helping others. I am a retired firefighter of 10 years with Ithaca Fire Department.

 God is an important part of my life and my Faith and Trust in him is what has got me where I am today. I enjoy meeting new people and I love to help others in need. I believe that “Our” community at Cedar Shores needs leaders that have experience in the management skills and personal skills that I have and that the voice of the community is represented fairly.


Thank you for your support

Jeffery Giles-Lot #133

Mike Reif

Lot 186


My wife (Sue) and I have been at Cedar Shores for 7 years.

When we both retired in 2014, we sold our home in Flint and became snowbirds.

Cedar Shores is now our permanent resident when we are in MI. Then we head to Florida for

the winter. I have been busy making this transition. But now, most of the work is done and would like to be more involved with the park.


I served in the Air Force (Vietnam Vet) during the 70s. Worked at United Airlines as an Aircraft Electrician. I have an ASE Master Mechanic License. And, been a long-haul professional truck driver.

While I have enjoyed all my career paths, my most memorial time in life was working alongside my grandfather as a carpenter building many homes in Flint.


Please consider me for a board member. I will do my best to help maintain our Park that we love.

Thank you

Hello my name is Daniel Medina, lot 209. I'm asking for your vote at this election. So that I may continue to represent you. As in the past to help make improvements in our park. I have been a member of Cedar Shores for 39 years. I've volunteered in many aspects and wish to continue in helping make our park a better place. With your vote and your help we can continue to make good things happen.

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