10am at the Recreation Center 
Absentee ballots must be requested.
See Janet at lot 373.

Robert Popielarz Lot, 65

My wife and I purchased a lot in the park in 1983; and have enjoyed our time at Cedar Shores immensely with our two daughters. Our daughters are now grown and now have families of their own; and enjoy coming to Cedar Shores. We hope the tradition continues as my eldest just purchased her own lot to enjoy for many years. 


We have seen a lot of changes over the last 38 years and as a family we have enjoyed out time in the park. I understand that change is necessary in many instances but hope to keep the family oriented atmosphere the park provides. As a board member I would hope to continue  to help the park grow and prosper.  

I retired from Consumers Energy as a Senior system Forster in 2012. When I was employed with Consumers I served on numerous committees and focus groups to determine the direction our department would take for present and for the future. Along with 38 years of owning property in the park I would use that expertises if elected to guide the park towns the future. 

Colleen Rupert, Lot 288

Dear Members of the Cedar Shores community, 

My name is Colleen Rupert and I am running for the board of this fine community. 

My husband Bob and I purchased our lot 288 in the fall of 2019. We finally made the decision to become stationary campers and we absolutely do not regret our choice. We have met so many wonderful people in our short time at Cedar Shores.

 I have two grown sons and three grandchildren, who absolutely love it here as well. My hope is to have this place be serenity for years to come.

The people that I have gotten to know since becoming an owner have shown me that they really do love this place, as you may all have seen or heard that most lot owners refer to this as their “Happy Place”. I was floored to see just how much support and generosity that the owners and their guest showed when the auction took place.

It really made me think that I needed to take on a larger roll and hope to make a difference for the future of Cedar Shores. I believe my past experience being on two association boards first a secretary and the second as president will help guide our community to prosper in the future for other generations to come. 


Thank you in advance for your support

Laura Lizzet, Lot 354


Good afternoon Cedar Shoes family and friends.  My name is Laura Lizzet at lot 354.  Let me start with how much I have enjoyed being a part of such an amazing community.  This is our third summer here as a lot owner. It has been my pleasure to meet so many families.  

After observing the boards in the past and present and all their hard work and time they have put into our wonderful slice of heaven.  It’s pulled at my heart strings to step in and become more involved. My intentions are to make our way to a successful community. My goals are to become a trustee on the board.   Eventually stepping up through the years as strong voice for all of us.  There will always be room for improvement and success.   I wish to become part of this process with equal respect for everyone.  

I’m a proud mother of one son and two daughters with strong ties to the community they live in.  I’m also a grandmother of five wonderful grandchildren.  I’m a proud wife/widow of Gerald Lizzet and thankful the love we had while he was here with me. Without him I won’t be the strong/independent women I am today. I have recently retired after 35 years of early learn childhood and development education.   Teaching and help children grow to their best ability is a blessing that I had become to accelerate in with a strong compassion.  I was owner, operator and director of Munchkin Land Daycare for 35 years.  Doing bookkeeping, office work, teaching, scheduling, staffing, licensing, and continuing my education through college.   All while doing hands on with the children through all these years. To say it’s was a successful joy in my life would be an understatement.  I’m eager to continue to give back to our Cedar Shores family and friends.  Please stop in at anytime as you are all welcome to do so. Laura Lizzet lot 354

Leo Urban Jr. , lot 198 & 199


Dear Cedar Shores Community


My name is Leo Urban Jr, but most of you know me as JR.  I would like to Thank You in advance for taking time out of your busy schedules to read the letters that have been written by the other candidates and myself, I hope you find pleasure in reading them.


My wife Jen and I became members of Cedar Shores in 2014 with the purchase of Lot 199.  We actually started camping there in 2010 when we were "Lot Guests" of our best friends The Parrott's of Lot 200.   We have two sons, Treyton(16) and Brenton(6) who most of you have probably seen around the park.


I've made so many friends over the years, some who were on the board and took notice of how hard they worked and how they contributed to our Little Community, now it's time for me to give back to our Little Community for what it has given my family and I over the years.


My intention of running for the board is to continue the tradition of Cedar Shores being a "family oriented" park but also moving it forward to keep the younger generations wanting to return with their families and continue to make memories. 


I look forward to the future and cannot wait to see how our Little Community evolves.



Jr Urban,  Lot 198 & 199 

Tina Lingerfelt, lot 16


Hello Cedar Shores,
    For those of you who don't know me.  Here is a little about me. I have been married to my husband Bill for over 28 years. We have two wonderful sons,, Joshua and Cody who we adore and couldn'tbe more proud of. We have been members at Cedar Shores for over 5 years. We absolutely love everything about this park. It is the gem of Clare County.  The comradery here is amazing to see. Just about anyone in our park will step in to help whenever possible. I enjoy volunteering whenever possible. Recently, you may have picked up or gotten some Cedar Shores apparel delivered from me.

    I am excited at the opportunity to serve on our Cedar Shores Board. Trying to preserve our small park feel with keeping us current in today's world is important to me. I have always believed that if we are all honest with one another and  keep a good moral compasss, that we can accomplished many great things for our park. I think I can offer a fresh perspecrive to our changing dynamics. We have some great families, (many I have had the pleasure of meeting) who have bought into the Cedar Shores way of life and I would like to help them protect their investments for themselves and future generations to come.

    I have served previously on two other boards as president and vice-president. It would be my honor to serve on our Cedar Shores Board in any capacity.  I hope you will consider casting your vote for me. If you have any other questions for me or would like to come by Lot # 16 for a chat. I am always available!
Have a sunshiny day, 
Tina Lingerfelt 

                  Karen Hatch, lot 8

I am a full time resident of Cedar Shores, originally from Westland, MI. My late husband, Vince, and I bought lot 119 twenty-three years ago before our son was born. We moved to my parents’ lot (8) in 2016. We wanted to be part of Cedar Shores so our son could grow up spending summers in a safe, fun and friendly environment close to family. As a board member, I will work to maintain and improve the family friendly atmosphere. 

I am a chemical engineer by training and worked over 30 years in the environmental field. I bring experience running projects and managing budgets to support the board and the campground. I enjoy working on a team and want to contribute to the future of Cedar Shores. 


Jennifer O'brien Isenhath, lot 18

Hello fellow Cedar Shores residents!  Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me.  I have been coming to Cedar Shores ever since my mom, Kay, purchased Lot 18 in 1995.  Since then, my 4 kids have practically spent every summer up here enjoying “our happy place.”  We also have spent many Christmas holidays up here in past years.  We’ve boated, swam, walked, enjoyed numerous bonfires, snowmobiled, ice skated, “tree burned” after Christmas, enjoyed winter potlucks held at the rec hall, enjoyed kids’ activities on the baseball fields, and many other amazing fun family-oriented activities Cedar Shores has offered over the years.  I along with my family have made amazing memories up here and now want to become part of the team to give back and provide opportunity to make more memories for the next generations to come.  My mom passed away in 2018 so I am now the proud owner of Lot 18.  My kids and I continue the trend of making memories here and they have made many friends up here as well.  We’ve known many residents up here over the years and I feel it’s time for me to contribute to making this park the best it can be to be a fun, safe, engaged, and enjoyable place to spend time.  I want to keep the northern traditions going!

I work in healthcare and am currently a Director of Operations and help drive quality care to patients in the healthcare setting while implementing policy to help build positive financial outcomes for our programs.  I currently sit on hospital boards of my partner hospitals through work and look forward to contributing positive efforts towards building a strong, resident-focused board here in Cedar Shores!  Thank you and I look forward to meeting many of you as time goes by.   Enjoy the rest of Summer 2021!  Thanks-Jennifer O’Brien-Isenhath, Lot 18 😊