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 at the Recreation Center. Immediately following Board Meeting.
Ed Winekoff lot 329

My wife and I have been in Cedar Shores since 2018. We are currently on lot # 329. We have 5 children and 5 beautiful grandchildren who enjoy their time at Cedar Shores. I am currently president of my mini association in Florida where I help take care of 24 condo units. I would like the opportunity to serve on the Cedar Shores board and help our community in any way I can. I am here most weekends and would be available if you have any questions or would just like to chat. Thank you for any support you feel you can give

Michael Sollid Lot# 303

Hello Cedar Shores!
My wife and I have enjoyed more than 15 years so far here at Cedar Shores and look forward to many
more. What a fantastic community we have, the relationships we have developed over the years are
I have had the fortunate opportunity to serve as a member of our board for the past 10 months. This
experience has given me the chance to more understand what goes into the day-to-day operations of
our park and develop many new relationships with fellow co-owners.
I have worked for more than 30 years in the Insurance industry, claims specifically. My current role
involves the oversight of a team that manages more than 600 catastrophic medical PIP (auto) claims. I
offer a strong skill set which includes communication, cost/expense management, teamwork, problem
solving, time management, and organization.
My guiding compass has been, and would continue to be, the voice of the co-owners combined with
what is reasonable and necessary. I look forward to more conversations and suggestions, we have so
many resourceful people here at Cedar Shores, let’s work together!
Thank you for considering me as one of your board representatives and allowing me to give back.
Michael Sollid Lot# 303

Travis J. Barnett  Lot 325

I am running for the Board to ensure transparency

and fiscal responsibility.  I purchased our lot in July and 2 weeks later find out the park is in dire need of raising annual dues. My experience on various boards from school, service groups and a community lake club house, will serve this board well. I have also successfully run non-profit organizations with fiscal responsibility and growth in financial stability. 


Travis J. Barnett

Lot 325


Monica Dowell Lot 221

I have been a part of Cedar Shores for 46 years. My parents brought our family when I was 6 and my husband, two children and I bought our own property in 2012. We have grown up enjoying our summers and falls camping, making good friends and creating tons of memories. 

I have watched my family volunteer to take care of this great place, Jerry and I have followed suit and taught our children to do the same. We have helped clean up the park, host activities, build play structures, and much more. 

At this time I have decided to go the next step and run for the board. I feel a sense of obligation to strengthen my knowledge of the responsibilities of a board member as well as share my strengths of open, honest and respectful communication; which I have implemented through my many years as an educator and an administrator. I believe my listening skills as well as my ability to ask questions, and calmly and diligently problem solve, can serve the park well. 

Thank you for the consideration of your vote, 

Monica Dowell

 Kyle Bragg lot 183 

I purchased my lot in 2017. I’m one of the youngest lot owners at Cedar Shores . I became the webmaster and IT Committee in 2019. I have volunteered with many events and stand tall behind my mom Lisa Bragg running the Rec. Center events. I’d like to be on the Board to learn how the Bylaws, budgets and rules are decided in our community. I  plan to be here at Cedar Shores into the future for the youth of Cedar Shores. I feel I need to be educated to lead the community into the future. I have many friends here who were born from the 40’s to the 90’s. I love my peeps at Cedar Shores. You all know I have made mistakes and paid my fines throughout my co-owner membership and I soiled my oats here. I’d like to think I could be the Al Foot of the future and know the correct answers to move forward the most economical way and keep Cedar Shores moving forward with my best intentions to stay on budget. 


Tina Lingerfelt Lot #16

 I am married with two grown children who love Cedar Shores as much as I do. We have been part of this community for the past seven years. We have made some lifelong friends and have many family members in the park. We enjoy spending time with all of them as much as possible. 

     Two years ago, I decided it was my time to give back to our wonderful park and  I ran for the board.  It has been an eye-opening experience for sure and I  have learned so much. I decided to run again to continue this journey to help our park move forward for our children and grandchildren. Some days are not always easy but I feel we are never far from a resolution that can be worked out. I am always open to listening, communicating with co-owners and making myself as available to everyone as possible. I would appreciate your consideration on election day. Thank you!

Duane Ross lot 374
I’m running to find out how this place runs. Where does all the money goes. And can Cedar Shores run more efficiently. I appreciate any consideration. Thank you, Duane Ross
Joseph Saydak lot 7

I Joseph Saydak would like to run for the Cedar Shores board to help maintain our happy place. I would like to use my skills as a General Manager in the construction industry managing P&L’s, G&L’s and running on tight budgets and time constraints to help manage our park. I stand behind keeping association fees to a minimum and drive volunteer work along with fundraising to tackle projects throughout the park while maintaining a fun atmosphere for our kids and community. Furthermore, I would like to be apart of the board to provide transparency and open communication on all park needs and expenses. This way we can come together as a community on the best way possible and the best time to complete those needs. I hope you will consider me to help keep Cedar shores a fun and happy environment.
My name is Lee Urban lot 287.

I am running for the board for a couple of main reasons. Number one I believe that the co-owners of the park should have input as to major decisions being made. I do not believe we should be raising fees. They should remain at $700 a year. If there are projects to be done within the park, we can do a couple different ways. We can do a one-time assessment for each project. For an example, if our will cost $20,000 to put a new well in with 378 lots, it would break down to around $56 per lot order. We can do it that way or we can do it one time assessment of $300 for projects to be done in the future and should be put in a special earmarked account that way we know the money is there. There will be no more special assessments. Another issue I have when motions and seconds are made into meeting it should be open for discussion. Currently we do motion second and they vote on it. The co-owners only get an opportunity to voice their opinion at the end of the meeting. That is not the proper way for Roberts Rule of order it should be emotion made seconded and then open for discussion prior to the vote. I am a firm believer that Cole owner should have some input as to any major decisions made prior to them being made. I know we both the board in to make decisions for us, but there are times that is necessary that the co-owners have the input prior to that meeting or that vote. I would appreciate your support and the election in September at our annual meeting. It would be much appreciated. Thank you and have a wonderful wonderful year!
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