10am at the Recreation Center 
Barry Brden.png

Barry Barden 

Lot 66

Hi, I am Barry Barden. I live on Lot 66 and I am running for election to the Board of Directors here in Cedar Shores. I am a retired Automotive Engineer and a 16 year veteran of the Davison Fire Department. I retired last August and my wife and I now live here full time in the summer months. We have been an owner here in Cedar Shores since the Fall of 2017. I see a lot of things and hear a lot of concerns from residents and owners and believe that I can help carry Cedar Shores forward during these trying times and I am here for you! I would appreciate your support in the upcoming election.

Allen Burk.png

Allen Burk

Lot 193

My name is Allen Burk.  I own lot 193. I am running for the Board of Directors.  I bring varied experiences to the board including being Secretary Treasurer and President of both a labor union and a School Board.  I would like to help develop a strong financial plan so Cedar Shores can be here for our kids and grandkids.  I am a team player and very approachable.  It is important to me that our Happy Place be here to enjoy for everybody.  I would appreciate your support.  Feel free to stop and say hi.  Lisa and I frequently wander the park in our golf cart with our dog Sally

Jan Pickering 

Lot 15

Michael M. Reif 

Lot 186

Hi I am Mike Reif. I am running for the Board of Directors. I have been at Cedar Shores since 2012.

My wife (Sue) and I live here all summer and head down to Ocala for the winter. 

After a career in the Air Force as an Air Force Electrician and Mechanic I worked for GM at truck and bus in Flint until I retired in 2014.  I have experience as a Certified Master Mechanic, as an Electrician and building homes with my grandfather. We love it here and I would like to offer my help as we go through this situation with upgrading our electrical system.  

Jason E. Rengert 

Lot 85