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2018 Bonfire

Information on the 2018 Bonfire is here:

Annual Bonfire Flyer 2018


Park Dumpsters


Hi! I'm Delie. My husband Dirtie and I are dumpsters and we reside at the entrance to our Cedar Shores park.

It has come to our attention that we are getting a bad name. Observers have noted that we don't appear to be holding our own, constantly over indulging and littering, spilling our load on the ground.

So... we thought we would say a few words that will help:

To start, Dirtie and I cannot absorb wood, carpet, tv's, indoor and outdoor furniture, boat covers, grass, leaves, limbs.

Next... oh my that construction debris plugs us right up.... those contractors must remove all bi-products of their work from the park. It's the lot owner's responsibility to ensure this is done.

Also, we don't eat metal. However, our friend " Tuffy", the trailer at the maintenance workshop loves metals of all kind. Call the maintenance team at 989 444-8430 for help with this.

Dirtee and I love household trash bags full of garbage from your cottages and campers. Sometimes we get cardboard in very large units. We like cardboard a lot, however we choke on large boxes and we can't eat anymore household trash until the maintenance crew comes and compacts the boxes. Often they remove steel, wood, furniture and construction debris before we can swallow household trash again. Dirtie and I love our job. We could do our job better if everyone broke down their cardboard and other oversized items.

I heard there are questions about our neighbor dumpsters Will and Call. ( They are snobby and have their backs turned to everyone) They are special units - very expensive and they are only trashy on holidays!

Sometimes construction debris and furniture of all kinds is fed into these closed dumpsters  (Will and Call) ahead of holidays resulting in them not being available when needed. Will and Call are not under the same contract as Dirtie and I and cost hundreds of extra dollars each to empty by Waste Management.

Hope this answers your questions. Please help us spread the word!


 Delie and Dirtie

P.S. We have become celebrities! We will be on video 24 hrs a day and recorded for future viewing.




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