Instructions For Writing Your  Ad


      updated 2/20/2009


    1.    Limit Ad wording to   50 words or less per Ad.  Check for correct spelling.

    2.    Only  one (1) or two (2) pictures will be allowed per Ad (send with Ad).

    3.    State if item is   FOR SALE , RENT , LEASE or WANTED TO BUY 

     4.   Include your  Name , Lot #  and  Contact Information where item is located.

    5.    E-mail the above information to:   


    6.    Item(s) being sold must be located in Cedar Shores campground.  

    7.    No home or commercial business will be allowed to sell/rent items from this site.

    8.    If not e-mailing drop the information off at the park office or mail it to park office.
    9.    Your Ad will remain for app. 30 days.  To continue your Ad for another 30 days      
             you must resubmit (or let the webmaster know) Ad 2 days prior to expiration.

  10.    You are allowed to make two corrections of your Ad during the 30 days   

  11.   Ads will be accepted from Cedar Shores members (owners) only.   If this can't 
           be confirmed then the Ad will not be posted.   

  These instructions for the classified section of Cedar Shores web site are subject to change 

   This classified section will remain free for members and will last as long as there is no  abuse of this
   section of the Cedar Shores web site.   

   Cedar Shores members should take advantage of this section and may find the web site a useful tool
   during the camping season.  Enjoy . .

    Any corrections /comments/suggestions or complaints about any Ad or this classified section of the web site should be
    reported to the park manager or cswebmaster.   Corrections will be made as soon as possible.